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Chef Neil Ferguson

As a lifelong member of the hospitality industry,American Seasons owner Chef Neil Ferguson was looking for a way to serve the many doctors, nurses and hospital staff working so valiantly on the front lines of the coronavirus. “I wanted to do something super positive, kind, caring and friendly,” he says. Yet with his restaurant’s spring opening postponed, Chef Ferguson had to get creative. In the beginning of April, he launched

Care for the Carers, a gift drive initiative in which people can buy gift certificates or services from local businesses that Chef Ferguson will then package and ship to the Nantucket Cottage Hospital’s 250-person staff. Businesses themselves could also donate products, gift certificates or services to be included in the gift bags, which Chef Ferguson planned on delivering to the hospital administrators on Mother’s Day to be distributed to each recipient accordingly. “We want to reward everyone there—doctors, nurses and all the teams behind the scenes,” Chef Ferguson says. “I know it will be a significant number, but I think this community can make it happen.”

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