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Randy Hudson & Cisco Brewers

Seeking some way to help, Randy Hudson of Cisco Brewers took matters into his own hands—quite literally.

While many beer lovers might disagree with him, Randy Hudson admits that he felt a little uneasy about Cisco Brewers being deemed an essential service in the wake of the coronavirus shutdown in Massachusetts. “We’re stocking liquor stores,” he says, “how is that essential?” So seeking some way to help, Hudson took matters into his own hands—quite literally.

“Everywhere is in need of hand sanitizer,” the master distiller says, “so I made my own batch.” Using bulk spirits, Hudson followed the World Health Organization’s recipe to create hand sanitizer for those in the community who need it most. The first batch was given to the fire department and the police station. His second batch went to Myles Reis, for their rubbish removers to have on hand. At press time, Hudson was considering making batches for the Stop & Shops.

Ironically, Hudson spent most of his life railing against the use of hand sanitizer, but given the circumstances, he appreciates its value for those at risk of contacting infected material who might not have immediate access to soap and water. Of course, as one might expect of a world-renowned master distiller, Hudson has improved his recipe for his family’s own batch, adding such elements as citronella aroma therapy drops—a recommendation from his daughter Evelyn, who was busy stitching medical masks at home.

“I’m impressed by our people at Cisco trying to keep things going and keep some semblance of normal,” Hudson says. “But I’m also impressed by places like Bartlett’s and Annye’s Whole Foods who are taking orders that people can pick up. Then there’s the individual stories of people stepping up, bringing food to the elderly. Honestly, when I hear those stories, I feel that I am just not doing enough.”

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